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"Dedicated to teamwork, horsemanship, and equestrian achievement at all levels"


A big THANK YOU to my riders for these kind words!


--- I have been riding with Ariel at Blue Feather Farm out of Sunflower Farms for a little over a year now, and I can honestly say that it's been the best program I've ever experienced. I have been riding for 11 years, have been to many barns, and taken lessons from many trainers. Ariel's horses, combined with her expertise, devotion to her student's success, and overall love for the sport has made her and Blue Feather Farm one in a million. I am so thankful to be able to lesson with Ariel to further my horse riding education and love for the sport. I can sincerely say that there is no other trainer that I would rather ride with, now, or 30 years down the road.

-Camryn S. 


--- Ariel is a professional and personable trainer, and a lovely person. She runs and excellent program with wonderful horses who receive the best care. I was always a very nervous rider having ridden horses I was not experienced enough for and having jumped large jumps I was not ready for. I am always comfortable with Ariel and her horses, and I am always willing and ready to try something new because I trust her and the horses. She has a way of explaining things in such detail that things click into place (and that's coming from a middle school teacher!). My riding has improved tremendously since joining her program. I would highly recommend Blue Feather Farm; after joining the program, I am so happy and I have never looked back.

-Nicole E.



--- I've been a student of Ariel's for over 5 years. She is not only the best trainer I've ever had but also a very dear friend. I used to ride with her at a barn close to my house and when she moved to Sunflower it became a 45 minute drive each way. My husband asked why I wouldn't go to a closer barn and I explained that when you find a trainer like Ariel, you'd follow her anywhere. Her training style is kind and encouraging and allows you to have fun which is what this sport is all about. The horses in her program are just as amazing as her. She allowed me to shareboard her horse Ziggy who she trained herself. I always felt extremely safe riding Ziggy and being under Ariel's training. She knows when to push and challenge you appropriately. I feel very fortunate to have met Ariel and all of her wonderful equine friends!

-Kristina C.



--- Ariel is hands-down the best trainer I have ever had. If you are looking to find a trainer who not only has extensive knowledge of the sport, but is also patient, kind, and cares about the horse as much as the rider, then look no further. Ariel emphasizes sound flat work and equitation as the basis for success in jumping and the show arena. Where I have felt that other trainers were solely interested in profiting from my own riding career, she has shown that riding is not meant to be rushed but to be taken at the riders personal pace. I have never felt pressured by her; only that she truly cares that I feel comfortable and that she is helping guide me to reach my personal goals in the sport. She focuses on building a sound, trusting relationship between horse and rider as well as rider and trainer. Ariel really loves what she does and it translates perfectly into her work.

-Erin T.


--- I think that Ariel is an awesome teacher because she is fun, nice, teaches really good and explains everything really good and during class she teaches me trotting and I love trotting. She always helps me saddle up and the horse I ride on, Felix, is so cute. He is really bouncy which is part of the reason I like him. I love every class because I get to see Ariel and Felix and that is why I like horseback riding and Ariel. :)

-Marlee (age 9)




--- I've only started riding with Ariel about four months ago, but in that short time I can honestly say I have learned more from her program at Blue Feather Farm than I have any other.  Ariel puts her horses' health and well-being before anything else to make sure they're comfortable, as well as her riders.  The school horses are each very pleasant and unique, offering different learning opportunities to take away from each lesson.  I came into the program with 15 years of riding experience, looking to learn more of a discipline I hadn't ridden much.  Not only have I learned a lot, but my horses have also made a lot of progress with the knowledge I have taken home.  I find myself a more confident rider than I was four months ago.  They say to find a career that you love and you'll never work a day in your life, and that truly shows through Ariel's teaching and dedication to her students and her horses.  I'm lucky to have found a great trainer,and I'm really looking forward to advancing my riding even further.