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Meet Our School Horses!
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"Dedicated to teamwork, horsemanship, and equestrian achievement at all levels"

Meet Our School Horses!


Able aka More Than Able gets his name for a reason! He's an 11yo off track Thoroughbred who has has a personality unlike any other.  He loves to work and can teach beginner over fences lessons all the way up to competitive Jumpers. 



Ivan aka I Got This is what we consider to be "bomb proof", which is a term in the horse industry used to describe the steadiest of Eddies.  He is the ideal mount for a beginner whos starting out learning the basics of riding. He is patient and kind to all of his riders regardless of their skill or confidence level.  He will teach you to ride and to trust! Though he is only 7 years old and is an off track Thoroughbred, he is wise beyond his years.  Ivan is a barn favorite... come ride him and you'll see why!


Loved by everyone who meets him, Obi is the perfect pony to teach young riders the basics of riding.  He teaches first time riders on the lunge line, all the way to full jumping courses.  He is kind, loving, and has a goofy sense of humor; a great first time partner!

UPDATE: Obi has been retired after over 20 years, thousands of lessons taught, hundreds of happy young riders, and many riding careers inspired.





Ace is the teaching partner every rider wants.  He is patient with beginners of all ages, but happy to jump around a course like a pro with more advanced riders.  He never says "No"... especially to a peppermint! 

Update: Ace has been retired, and is happily living his days as king of the herd in a private barn in Kenosha.  22 years young!


More schoolies coming soon!