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New Student Coupon!

  $10.00 OFF
Your first lesson with BFF

This coupon is good for $10.00 off your first riding lesson.  This offer only valid for lessons with Ariel at Blue Feather Farm. BFF is located within Barn F of Sunflower Farm, 19000 128th St. Bristol WI, 53104

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45 minute private lesson on a school horse- $60.00

45 minute private lesson on personal horse-$50.00

1 hour Semi-private lesson (2 students) or group lesson- $50.00


Boarding and Services:

BFF offers a basic board service at $500 per month, which includes feeding 2x daily, turnout with blanketing, and fly spray application when necessary.  

In addition, BFF offers complete full service horse care for $200 per month, including grooming, bathing, clipping, tacking and untacking, organizing and feeding suppliments and medications, arranging vet and shoer appointments, and much more upon request.  

There is nothing we won't do for you and your horse! You and your beloved equine companion deserve the peace of mind knowing that he/she is recieving top of the line care around the clock.



Pictured above: Delia after an awesome lesson with Ariel, and Obi the school pony gets a peppermint treat! 




Pictured Below:

Delia (same student years later!) giving Ivan a bath after her lesson.